Exterior Specialists

RBR Construction has always kept customers at the center of our business. And to do that, we hire the highest level craftsmen, use the best materials for the job and, above all else, are committed to integrity in our work and in our lives. When you hire RBR, you’re hiring integrity, exceptional work ethic and expertise. We are going to be spending a lot of time together, especially on your larger projects, so it’s important you know what our standards are ahead of time.

So, I hear you’re the “Exterior Specialists”. Tell me more.

We would love to. You hear that because many times we are working within a budget to make the house you’re living in a home in which you feel comfortable. When working within a budget, we want to prioritize what is important to you and what will be the longest-lasting and most efficient use of your money. If there is exterior work to be done, we recommend prioritizing it because that is literally the framework of your home and it is important to make sure it is sound. So that is usually where we start. We focus a lot of time and energy to make sure we use the right type of siding, that it is installed correctly, and that YOU, our client, is happy.

What questions do you have about the exterior remodeling process?

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