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What exactly is an exterior remodel?  It is literally anything you can envision on the exterior of your home; residing, additions, deck, porch, outdoor entertaining space, and can also include landscape design (we have ideas but we sub contract this part out). For this article, we want to quickly talk about exterior areas for entertaining—typically known as decks.

Some things to consider when creating a new outdoor area, specifically decks or porches, in Oregon is the wide spectrum climate we have.  Overall, Oregon (and the PNW) is considered to be a wet area of the US.  Therefore, sloped roofs with gutters or pergola type coverings (water can get through them) are important areas to invest in when planning your exterior remodel.

With most RBR exterior remodels, we focus on a full roof awning.  This gives us much more freedom to insert lighting and protect the deck itself, giving you and your guests a beautiful space to enjoy all year long.  That being said, water will still find the lowest, least resistant path to accumulate or flow, making horizontal surfaces, like decks, particularly vulnerable.

Composite decks are a wonderful choice in the PNW and we build these frequently for our clients.  Composite material is a blend making it more resilient to mold and water damage.  Composite decking can be a bit more difficult to clean (think: mopping with some elbow grease), but with wooden decks, you must treat them at least once a year to maintain easy cleaning…so pick your poison.

As we mentioned, exterior remodels can also include outdoor kitchen areas, additions to existing outdoor space, landscaping and siding (read more on that here).  All in all, we want to do what’s best for you.  That means working within your budget to accomplish your goals for the exterior of your home.  If you have questions we didn’t address in this article, please use the form below to ask those—we would be delighted to talk with you about your options.

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