2022 Design Trends

2022 is bringing back color (hello 60’s and 70’s–we’ve missed you), and bold patterns with a nod to interactive wall art. And thanks to the pandemic, it looks like multifunctional spaces are here to stay. Designers are bringing mental health wellness into their decor, creating calming spaces for those who are indefinitely working from home, or hey–just need home to feel a little more relaxed.  Finally, we are seeing an effort to reuse and repurpose decor items to show some much needed love for Mother Earth.

Another popular trend we are seeing is that some designers are bringing back a more traditional aesthetic. Some are kickin’ it way back to a more elegant era for the design of entertainment spaces as we ease back into being able to entertain again. This includes wingback furniture (think: those fancy sofas you see in a Jane Austen-inspired film), antiques, and real wood (sorry gray-wash luxury vinyl plank flooring–but we still love you, and don’t believe you’re completely going away anytime soon). 

If the traditional look isn’t your scene, let’s talk about the colors that are making a comeback. It appears that a pull to bring nature indoors is making an impact, and we are seeing greens everywhere. Additionally, the bold patterns (hello wallpaper) are cropping up more frequently and, a surprise to us, 3-D wall art. I mean, we love it, but we didn’t see it coming! 

Okay, can we just say how much we dig the intentional design to make home feel more like a comfortable, relaxing place? For the past couple of years, we have been stressed to the max (thanks COVID), working from home, educating our children in addition to our full-time jobs, operating in isolation, and generally learning to live with some degree of stress and/or fear. If our homes weren’t set up to be calming spaces then (and most of ours weren’t), we definitely believe we deserve that space now.  As we create these spaces, we’ve been leaning into a more multi-functional approach.  A home office that doubles as a homework room when the kids get home from school, or creating a mindful retreat space that becomes the guest bedroom when visitors stay.

Finally, we have always been big on reusing materials—from a financial standpoint, as well as an ethical effort. Pinterest is your friend when it comes to creative ways to reuse. We also suggest checking out those garage sales and thrift shops. You just never know what you’re going to find!

Yes, this post is a bit of a departure for us. Although it’s not our area of expertise, we see design in the field all the time and–don’t want to brag–can get pretty creative ourselves. As always, we are here for questions, ideas, and planning whenever you need us!

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