Ambiance: The character or atmosphere of a place.

One could suggest that ambiance is an extension of you, how you treat your guests, and how they experience your home. We spend a lot of time making sure people are comfortable in our homes and, like most things, what you put in is usually what you get out of it. In the summer, that means your outdoor entertaining space needs your attention.

RBR specializes in exterior environments. We love working with our clients to actualize their outdoor entertaining spaces in real time (and within budget). Maybe that is a lovely deck with inset lighting and ceiling fans to keep you and your guests comfortable. Maybe it’s an outdoor custom kitchen to engage with your company, family-style. If you need a little help with visioning, we have lots of ideas too!

Here are some other tips to build out your entertaining ambiance:

  1. Bistro string lights go a long way. You’re welcome for that.
  2. Water fixture–just a little one (you probably want to call us for the big one). That trickling sound is great for conversational pauses or just a moment alone for yourself.
  3. Throws. They add color and texture and are handy when it starts to cool off. We recommend cotton, because summer. 
  4. Citronella. It smells good and it keeps those pesky mosquitoes away.
  5. Fans. We recommend the ceiling kind. We can help with these.

We know you’re a great entertainer and your guests enjoy their time with you, no matter what the setting. We’re here to help you build out the ambiance of your home and level up the experience you want your guests to have. When you’re ready, we’re here!

Although, we are running a promo right now–10% off an exterior remodel or siding replacement. So, if you’re ready sooner than later, give us a call and save a few (thousand) dollars.

Until next time,

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