Back To School

Ready for the kids to go back to school? “Totally!” – said no one ever. 

We can’t help you prepare for the emotional roller coaster that back-to-school-time brings, but we can help you minimize the chaos in your home with a few tips:

  1. Organize your entry. Grab a fun basket or a shoe rack, and  hang a coat rack on the wall. The wall, we said. Not the old fashioned kind that can get knocked over by excited kids or animals. Get a fun doormat. Make this space welcoming and fun, but organized to create structure from the get-go. 
  2. Identify a spot in the kitchen for homework (hint: snack drawers help with this) to keep everyone connected. Along these lines, create a calendar corner (the mothership, the big daddy of scheduling) in the house. If it doesn’t live on this calendar, it doesn’t get transportation.
  3. Laundry. Uniforms are about to be everywhere. Outfits are about to be more important. It’s a wonderful time and you don’t want to miss it by being stressed. Make a schedule. Sort your laundry room or area. Cute signs or stencils go a long way.

Short and sweet, because we know you’re busy. In the event that these ideas lead you to the notion you need more square feet, we can most certainly add to, remodel or build an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit, aka Mother-In-Law-Suite, aka She-Shed, aka Man Cave).

Until Next Time,

RBR Construction

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