Love the Home You’re With

Did you buy the home with tons of potential and then life happened? It happens more than you think! So, now that you’re in the house, living life and envisioning the dream home you know your house could be, let us leave some recs here for you.

Making Your Remodel a Labor of Love, not Anxiety

  • Ask yourself the following question: What problem am I trying to solve with this remodel? That’s going to help you set goals which will help you set your budget and help you communicate your needs to your contractor.
  • What are your “must-haves” vs your “nice to haves”? What can you absolutely not live without for this remodel vs what would be really nice to have but doesn’t leave you cursing at inanimate objects every morning (pre-coffee of course)?
  • Interview construction teams. It’s okay, we’ll wait here…
  • Establish communication benchmarks with your contractor and put it on paper.
  • Manage your own expectations. Work with your contractor to understand there may be unexpected delays and sometimes things come up that need to be addressed within the budget. 
  • Change is messy. Talk with your contractor about the day-to-day expectations while your remodel is happening, including schedule and imposition on daily routine. 
  • Establish your list for follow up. Live in your new space for a couple weeks while making notes to bring up to your contractor. This will become your list of final touches that your contractor will update to complete your renovation. 

As always, your RBR team is here with full service insight and ability, when you are ready. Questions in the meantime? Drop us a line on our website, message us on Facebook, or give us a call using the ol’ phone!

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