If You’re Thinking 2023…

Get ready for…more earth tones. We’re hearing browns, mauve, pinks, creams and whites.

If you’re thinking to yourself, I feel like you’ve said this before–we have. Not much has changed in interior trends in the last year. From our perspective though: You’re still safe with gray tones, as long as you make sure they are earthy gray tones… “grearth” tones, if you will.

Lighting may surprise you though. Paper (yes you read that right) lighting fixtures creating a softer, ambient glow may be seen more often this year than in years prior.

As you may have predicted, brass made a strong, albeit relatively quick appearance in home trends over these past years. Brass is on its way out, while iron and silver accents continue to be a staple. When in doubt, iron and silver are what we would recommend. 

Something fun and surprisingly calming are mono-fabric rooms. Yes, it’s pretty much what you are questioning right now: layering multiple patterns throughout a room. But don’t take this the wrong way and take wallpaper to your couch. What we’re talking about is multiple patterns following the same color scheme. Large prints draw the eye quickly, so opt for this pattern on a sofa, head board, armchair or rug as these tend to be the statement pieces in a room. These can be paired with smaller patterns which work perfectly for curtains or blinds, and also decorative items such as lampshades and throw pillows.

Listen, overall, 3-D, textured, IRL accents and details are all in right now. Think unique lighting fixtures as accents to bedroom walls, in bathrooms, flanking the fireplace, etc.

Finally, reuse our friends. Buying new is out–repurposing is in. Sustainability is a big design trend that will remain  in 2023. We’ll continue to see layered natural fabrics of organic cotton, wool, and linen. And, as technology advances, we are seeing more innovative fabric designs made with recycled materials and bio-based fabrics such as vegan leather, made from plants. We will also see the rise of fabric designs with an artisanal, handmade appeal. Need ideas? We’re always ready to get creative! 

As always, do what fits YOUR style. We’re here to help and provide feedback if you’d like it, but ultimately create your dream home and living spaces. Do you.

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