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September is here and Fall is right around the corner. Summer vacays are over, kids are back in school, sports are in full swing, and the to-do’s around the house may be stacking up. Have you heard yourself saying, “Oh I need to get that fixed,” or “How long has that been like that?”? Have you also been noticing all of the areas of your home you wish were more functional? We have–and we have good news. With supply chain issues better than they have been in the last few years and lumber prices significantly down since last year, you may be able to hire out that fix or even make that space more functional with a remodel.

The real estate market remains elevated from our POV, and with a break in supply prices and availability, we’re thinking making your home work for you is a better option than going through the stress of selling, buying and moving, with everything else you have going on. Not to rush you, but let’s get your remodel done before the holidays sneak up on us, yeah?

So, what kind of functionality trends are we seeing? It depends a lot on your specific needs. For instance, if you are a single person who just moved into a home that needs to be updated, that looks a lot different than a family with 2 kids in school, a toddler, and one on the way. In general, however, here are some trends we have seen this year to help you love your space:

Kitchen Islands–two please!

You’ve heard the term, “Less is more”? Well, we beg to differ in this case. If less is more, think about how much more would mean when it comes to your island space! More time to chat with the kids while they do homework before dinner, chat with your friends as you prepare a cheese board, have a light lunch without the formality of using the dining area…there’s a whole lot of options here!

Natural Light

A simple and easy way to modernize and brighten up a space. Let’s add some windows!

Personalized Areas

Listen, we could all use some spaces made just for us, so in lieu of the man-cave and she-shed additions (which we can do for you too!), a way to get some of that customization with a lower price point is to have areas of the house cultivated just for you. For example, the basement that doubles as a family room may have some space to add a bar to house a wine fridge or a kegerator. You could even add a dart board in keeping with that fun basement bar vibe.

Open Shelving

Upscale, open shelving. Show off your glassware or copper cooking set! If that’s not your thing, glass faced cupboards are a close second in this trend.


We all loved the gray-wash, and with a trend of personalization, we encourage you to do you! We are also seeing more neutral colors that rhyme with “beige” coming back in. Accent walls are a great way to test this trend to see if it’s for you. And if accent walls speak to you, you may want to take a look at the pretty, cool new wallpaper available. 

Private Spaces – Bringing The Outdoors Indoors

We saw this trend emerge in 2022 and it is still going strong. A great way to do this is a simple addition like a balcony off the bedroom! Private and relaxing, and guess what? – one of our areas of construction expertise. 

As you are considering ways to maximize your remodel dollar, give us a call for a free consultation in the Willamette Valley, Hood River, The Dalles, or White Salmon. 

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