Build or Buy?

New year, new you, new…home? If this is the year you are getting the kids their own rooms, or making sure you have that man cave or she-shed, we’re sure the following question has come up: Do we build or buy? Here’s the answer: it depends on what’s important to you. In this article weContinue reading “Build or Buy?”

That’s Included?!

What exactly is an exterior remodel?  It is literally anything you can envision on the exterior of your home; residing, additions, deck, porch, outdoor entertaining space, and can also include landscape design (we have ideas but we sub contract this part out). For this article, we want to quickly talk about exterior areas for entertaining—typicallyContinue reading “That’s Included?!”

Siding: What You Need To Know

Hello there!  RBR Construction here—your exterior specialists in the Willamette Valley. First, if you are a client or have been a client, thank you so much for supporting a small, local business.  Your business not only creates jobs in our community, but it allows us to reinvest in the beautiful place we live.   As you know, we areContinue reading “Siding: What You Need To Know”

Exterior Specialists

RBR Construction has always kept customers at the center of our business. And to do that, we hire the highest level craftsmen, use the best materials for the job and, above all else, are committed to integrity in our work and in our lives. When you hire RBR, you’re hiring integrity, exceptional work ethic andContinue reading “Exterior Specialists”