If You’re Thinking 2023…

Get ready for…more earth tones. We’re hearing browns, mauve, pinks, creams and whites. If you’re thinking to yourself, I feel like you’ve said this before–we have. Not much has changed in interior trends in the last year. From our perspective though: You’re still safe with gray tones, as long as you make sure they areContinue reading “If You’re Thinking 2023…”

Fall & Winter Renovations

It’s October. The season of pumpkin spice, leggings, and…renovations?  We know Halloween is this month and all, but fall and winter renovations don’t have to be spooky. Here is the biggest reason to consider scheduling your remodel during our seasonal slow-down. Your desired start date is likely to be more quickly available for our crew.Continue reading “Fall & Winter Renovations”

2022 Design Trends

2022 is bringing back color (hello 60’s and 70’s–we’ve missed you), and bold patterns with a nod to interactive wall art. And thanks to the pandemic, it looks like multifunctional spaces are here to stay. Designers are bringing mental health wellness into their decor, creating calming spaces for those who are indefinitely working from home,Continue reading “2022 Design Trends”