Ah, summer. School is out, the sun is shining and vacation season is in full swing. Unless you’re a construction pro. Summer is the busy time of year for us. From exterior remodels, to siding replacements, to new builds, we work hard to get as many exterior projects done as we can in the summer, for a few reasons:

  1. The weather is pretty much stable. Yes, it’s hot, but for the most part we predict a pattern and gauge what each crew will be able to accomplish on a specific timeline.
  2. Workforce. Whether it be because summer break brings students home for the summer or because there is an opportunity for supplemental work, the construction field is known to have more work in the summer months, bringing more qualified and interested workers out to join construction crews.
  3. The days are longer. With more sunlight and longer days, more crews can rotate and more projects can be completed.

You will see our crews out more in the summer, but don’t let that fool you. RBR crews work all year long on interior and exterior projects, doing everything we can to keep our team employed and working the entire year. During the summer, you may see us working exterior jobs like siding replacement, exterior remodels (think backyard entertainment spaces, outdoor kitchens, awnings) but we continue to work on interior projects like kitchen, bathroom, and general interior remodels as well as new home and ADU construction. 

Just like you, we like to be out and getting things done outside when the sun is shining, and we are always ready and grateful for your calls, jobs, and referrals!

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If You’re Thinking 2023…

Get ready for…more earth tones. We’re hearing browns, mauve, pinks, creams and whites.

If you’re thinking to yourself, I feel like you’ve said this before–we have. Not much has changed in interior trends in the last year. From our perspective though: You’re still safe with gray tones, as long as you make sure they are earthy gray tones… “grearth” tones, if you will.

Lighting may surprise you though. Paper (yes you read that right) lighting fixtures creating a softer, ambient glow may be seen more often this year than in years prior.

As you may have predicted, brass made a strong, albeit relatively quick appearance in home trends over these past years. Brass is on its way out, while iron and silver accents continue to be a staple. When in doubt, iron and silver are what we would recommend. 

Something fun and surprisingly calming are mono-fabric rooms. Yes, it’s pretty much what you are questioning right now: layering multiple patterns throughout a room. But don’t take this the wrong way and take wallpaper to your couch. What we’re talking about is multiple patterns following the same color scheme. Large prints draw the eye quickly, so opt for this pattern on a sofa, head board, armchair or rug as these tend to be the statement pieces in a room. These can be paired with smaller patterns which work perfectly for curtains or blinds, and also decorative items such as lampshades and throw pillows.

Listen, overall, 3-D, textured, IRL accents and details are all in right now. Think unique lighting fixtures as accents to bedroom walls, in bathrooms, flanking the fireplace, etc.

Finally, reuse our friends. Buying new is out–repurposing is in. Sustainability is a big design trend that will remain  in 2023. We’ll continue to see layered natural fabrics of organic cotton, wool, and linen. And, as technology advances, we are seeing more innovative fabric designs made with recycled materials and bio-based fabrics such as vegan leather, made from plants. We will also see the rise of fabric designs with an artisanal, handmade appeal. Need ideas? We’re always ready to get creative! 

As always, do what fits YOUR style. We’re here to help and provide feedback if you’d like it, but ultimately create your dream home and living spaces. Do you.

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Love the Home You’re With

Did you buy the home with tons of potential and then life happened? It happens more than you think! So, now that you’re in the house, living life and envisioning the dream home you know your house could be, let us leave some recs here for you.

Making Your Remodel a Labor of Love, not Anxiety

  • Ask yourself the following question: What problem am I trying to solve with this remodel? That’s going to help you set goals which will help you set your budget and help you communicate your needs to your contractor.
  • What are your “must-haves” vs your “nice to haves”? What can you absolutely not live without for this remodel vs what would be really nice to have but doesn’t leave you cursing at inanimate objects every morning (pre-coffee of course)?
  • Interview construction teams. It’s okay, we’ll wait here…
  • Establish communication benchmarks with your contractor and put it on paper.
  • Manage your own expectations. Work with your contractor to understand there may be unexpected delays and sometimes things come up that need to be addressed within the budget. 
  • Change is messy. Talk with your contractor about the day-to-day expectations while your remodel is happening, including schedule and imposition on daily routine. 
  • Establish your list for follow up. Live in your new space for a couple weeks while making notes to bring up to your contractor. This will become your list of final touches that your contractor will update to complete your renovation. 

As always, your RBR team is here with full service insight and ability, when you are ready. Questions in the meantime? Drop us a line on our website, message us on Facebook, or give us a call using the ol’ phone!

Until next time,

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Common Terms In Siding

Ever wonder what the heck your construction crew is talking about? Here are some common terms you may hear a siding team using while they are working on the exterior of your home:

  • Course: Row of panels, one panel wide, running the length of the house from one side to the other, or, in the case of vertical siding, from top to bottom.
  • Fascia: The visible area directly above the soffit. Generally the exposed board you see on your roof’s overhang and where gutters are installed.
  • Soffit: The underside of a part or member of a building (as of an overhang or staircase).
  • Drip Cap: L-shaped flashing that goes over windows and doors after they’re installed (but before siding is installed) to prevent moisture from seeping in from above.
  • Channel: The area of the accessory trim or corner post where siding or soffit panels are inserted. Commonly seen when using vinyl siding.
  • Exposure: AKA “reveal”. Width of board siding.
  • Balluster: A vertical component commonly seen in railings, such as stair or deck railings.
  • F-Channel: Used to hold the soffit onto your house.
  • Batten: A strip of wood that seals joints in wooden siding.
  • Flashing: A material which goes between certain parts of your home to keep water from getting in.
  • Gable: Triangular pitch in your roofline and wall where parts of the roof intersect.

Your RBR team is, of course, always willing (and ready) to explain any aspect of the construction process, along with any unfamiliar terms.  Reach out to us any time with questions at buildrbr@gmail.com (Hood River, OR) or buildrbr1@gmail.com (Willamette Valley, OR).

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Fall & Winter Renovations

It’s October. The season of pumpkin spice, leggings, and…renovations? 

We know Halloween is this month and all, but fall and winter renovations don’t have to be spooky. Here is the biggest reason to consider scheduling your remodel during our seasonal slow-down.

Your desired start date is likely to be more quickly available for our crew. The summer months are always very busy (and we are very grateful for that) but when people head indoors and the weather gets cooler, sometimes renovations can get sent to the back burner (we’re pretty sure there’s a pun in there somewhere). What this means for people who are willing to undergo a renovation during the winter is that we will get started sooner, work with less distraction, and get you a beautiful home you can enjoy through the winter months.

Worried about living in the house during your remodel?  Not to worry. Our crews are respectful and professional. We will do everything we can to accommodate your schedule and leave a clean space for you and your family at the end of every work day. And remember, with less competition in our schedules during the colder months, we will likely be able to work much faster!

RBR Construction treats every project with the highest level of integrity. Our crews are made up of the best craftsmen in the area and our promise to you is respect for you, your home, and your project from start to finish and beyond.

Wondering if a fall or winter remodel is in your future? Give us a call in the Willamette Valley, OR, Hood River/The Dalles, OR,  or White Salmon WA to find out! Visit our website at www.rbrbuild.com.

Back To School

Ready for the kids to go back to school? “Totally!” – said no one ever. 

We can’t help you prepare for the emotional roller coaster that back-to-school-time brings, but we can help you minimize the chaos in your home with a few tips:

  1. Organize your entry. Grab a fun basket or a shoe rack, and  hang a coat rack on the wall. The wall, we said. Not the old fashioned kind that can get knocked over by excited kids or animals. Get a fun doormat. Make this space welcoming and fun, but organized to create structure from the get-go. 
  2. Identify a spot in the kitchen for homework (hint: snack drawers help with this) to keep everyone connected. Along these lines, create a calendar corner (the mothership, the big daddy of scheduling) in the house. If it doesn’t live on this calendar, it doesn’t get transportation.
  3. Laundry. Uniforms are about to be everywhere. Outfits are about to be more important. It’s a wonderful time and you don’t want to miss it by being stressed. Make a schedule. Sort your laundry room or area. Cute signs or stencils go a long way.

Short and sweet, because we know you’re busy. In the event that these ideas lead you to the notion you need more square feet, we can most certainly add to, remodel or build an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit, aka Mother-In-Law-Suite, aka She-Shed, aka Man Cave).

Until Next Time,

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Ambiance: The character or atmosphere of a place.

One could suggest that ambiance is an extension of you, how you treat your guests, and how they experience your home. We spend a lot of time making sure people are comfortable in our homes and, like most things, what you put in is usually what you get out of it. In the summer, that means your outdoor entertaining space needs your attention.

RBR specializes in exterior environments. We love working with our clients to actualize their outdoor entertaining spaces in real time (and within budget). Maybe that is a lovely deck with inset lighting and ceiling fans to keep you and your guests comfortable. Maybe it’s an outdoor custom kitchen to engage with your company, family-style. If you need a little help with visioning, we have lots of ideas too!

Here are some other tips to build out your entertaining ambiance:

  1. Bistro string lights go a long way. You’re welcome for that.
  2. Water fixture–just a little one (you probably want to call us for the big one). That trickling sound is great for conversational pauses or just a moment alone for yourself.
  3. Throws. They add color and texture and are handy when it starts to cool off. We recommend cotton, because summer. 
  4. Citronella. It smells good and it keeps those pesky mosquitoes away.
  5. Fans. We recommend the ceiling kind. We can help with these.

We know you’re a great entertainer and your guests enjoy their time with you, no matter what the setting. We’re here to help you build out the ambiance of your home and level up the experience you want your guests to have. When you’re ready, we’re here!

Although, we are running a promo right now–10% off an exterior remodel or siding replacement. So, if you’re ready sooner than later, give us a call and save a few (thousand) dollars.

Until next time,

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Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again. The sun starts to shine more regularly, illuminating all of the things that are taking up valuable space in your home. And the dreaded, but inevitable, yearly task pops up on your to-do list again: Spring Cleaning (cue ominous music).

We’ll keep this one short and sweet because we know you’ve got a lot to do. Here are our tips:

  1. Plan a weekend to spring clean. Put it on your calendar and protect that time.
  2. Use the one-year rule. If you haven’t used it in a year…out it goes. Resist the urge to save things you have never used (or haven’t used for a long time) for that project you are going to do…you didn’t. You probably won’t. It’s okay, let it go.
  3. Plan disposal needs as part of your weekend. Do you need a dumpster? A truck? Signage for a garage sale?
  4. Recycle/donate what you can. Consider doing a little research about the needs of nonprofits in your community. Identify what they will take, and what they won’t. Ask for recommendations from them.
  5. Cash out. Consider having a hybrid virtual and in-person yard sale. You can either pocket your earnings or use this opportunity to promote your favorite cause. Ask your trusted CPA, but we’re pretty sure you can write off the donation PLUS you may find people are extra generous toward a mission-driven effort. You do you–we’re just throwing out ideas.
  6. Budget time to reminisce. If you’re having trouble parting with certain momentos, but know that you need to, take photos of these items to be stored in the cloud forever. This will enable you to go back and revisit memories anytime, while taking up MUCH less space.
  7. Make it fun! Blast some music, make a TikTok or IG Reel. Invite some friends over to help. Whatever works for you–do that.

We hope these tips help with your spring cleaning this year. Happy cleaning!

Until next time,

RBR Construction & Roofing




2022 Design Trends

2022 is bringing back color (hello 60’s and 70’s–we’ve missed you), and bold patterns with a nod to interactive wall art. And thanks to the pandemic, it looks like multifunctional spaces are here to stay. Designers are bringing mental health wellness into their decor, creating calming spaces for those who are indefinitely working from home, or hey–just need home to feel a little more relaxed.  Finally, we are seeing an effort to reuse and repurpose decor items to show some much needed love for Mother Earth.

Another popular trend we are seeing is that some designers are bringing back a more traditional aesthetic. Some are kickin’ it way back to a more elegant era for the design of entertainment spaces as we ease back into being able to entertain again. This includes wingback furniture (think: those fancy sofas you see in a Jane Austen-inspired film), antiques, and real wood (sorry gray-wash luxury vinyl plank flooring–but we still love you, and don’t believe you’re completely going away anytime soon). 

If the traditional look isn’t your scene, let’s talk about the colors that are making a comeback. It appears that a pull to bring nature indoors is making an impact, and we are seeing greens everywhere. Additionally, the bold patterns (hello wallpaper) are cropping up more frequently and, a surprise to us, 3-D wall art. I mean, we love it, but we didn’t see it coming! 

Okay, can we just say how much we dig the intentional design to make home feel more like a comfortable, relaxing place? For the past couple of years, we have been stressed to the max (thanks COVID), working from home, educating our children in addition to our full-time jobs, operating in isolation, and generally learning to live with some degree of stress and/or fear. If our homes weren’t set up to be calming spaces then (and most of ours weren’t), we definitely believe we deserve that space now.  As we create these spaces, we’ve been leaning into a more multi-functional approach.  A home office that doubles as a homework room when the kids get home from school, or creating a mindful retreat space that becomes the guest bedroom when visitors stay.

Finally, we have always been big on reusing materials—from a financial standpoint, as well as an ethical effort. Pinterest is your friend when it comes to creative ways to reuse. We also suggest checking out those garage sales and thrift shops. You just never know what you’re going to find!

Yes, this post is a bit of a departure for us. Although it’s not our area of expertise, we see design in the field all the time and–don’t want to brag–can get pretty creative ourselves. As always, we are here for questions, ideas, and planning whenever you need us!

Until next time,

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Build or Buy?

New year, new you, new…home? If this is the year you are getting the kids their own rooms, or making sure you have that man cave or she-shed, we’re sure the following question has come up: Do we build or buy? Here’s the answer: it depends on what’s important to you. In this article we are going to quickly go over what home purchase vs. building processes look like (let’s be honest, it’s a lot of paperwork no matter what) and then dive into the valuable tool of listing pros and cons for each process.

Buying Process: Hopefully you are working with a realtor. We highly recommend it (and have referrals for you). After receiving a pre-approval from your lender (this is a high level look at your buying power from which the lender can confidently predict you will be able to afford $XXX,XXX of house), you and your realtor start the process of checking the market for a home that meets your non-negotiables (think that extra bathroom or office) within your budget. You then go look at those homes to see if they will work for you IRL.When you find one, and make an offer, you hopefully come to what’s called an accepted offer and the contract is sent to a neutral third party, known as escrow, to handle the rest of the transaction. Inspections, and subsequent repair addendums (additions) to the contract ensue, appraisals are ordered, and hopefully come in at value, and within about 45 days (typically) you have the keys to a home that meets your needs!

Buying Pros: Buying can put you into a home in a relatively short amount of time. If you are moving to a new area or are up against the end of a lease, this can be very important.

Buying Cons: Many times budget restrictions can conflict with housing needs, leaving you in a less than move-in ready home, leading to remodels or additions. Luckily, we do those so this really isn’t too much of a con, but it’s worth noting.

Building Process: You should probably work with a realtor for this too, to make sure you find a piece of land suitable for building the home you have in mind. Concurrently, it is good to be working with a contractor from the beginning steps as well (hint hint). Construction loans aren’t that much different from a primary residence loan from a consumer standpoint, but finding a lender who does construction loans regularly is advised because they are different on the back end (we have referrals for lenders too). Item to note, there is typically a larger down payment than the 3-5% we usually hear about on primary residence loans. So far, the processes are similar; working with a realtor and lender (and a contractor, let’s say RBR Construction) and you are looking at properties. Your realtor and contractor will work with you to find a suitable property and the process remains the same for the offer and opening of escrow account.

You will need to really trust your contractor (RBR Construction) to work with you on a budget because you will need that for your lender before you can close.

When you do close and construction breaks ground, be prepared to be flexible. Permitting can become an unforeseen issue, depending on how fast the county is moving through applications and supply chains can ebb and flow (as we have seen in the last couple of years). From the time you break ground, construction can take anywhere from 6 to 16 months, although RBR usually works within the 8-10 month timeframe. 

Building Pros: Custom built to meet your needs and often exceed your expectations, building your own home can provide peaceful, yet functional areas; reducing stress and increasing productivity. You get to choose your materials and build to your own style. Additionally, materials, because they are typically new, are environmentally friendly, not only to the Earth, but to you and your family (think: not worrying about asbestos, or other toxins that can live in the structure of an older home). Despite a larger down payment, pricing is comparable to purchasing a single family home (consult your lender to fact check this, always, no matter who says it).

Building Cons: It takes 2-3 times longer to build a home than to purchase one.

We love making our clients’ housing dreams come true–whether that’s renovating a historical home, building out an addition, remodeling the interior and/or exterior, or building it from scratch. If you are debating which path is the right one for you and your family this year, or even a couple years down the road, please reach out to us. We would love to walk you through a more in depth pros and cons discussion and, ultimately, give you the best advice we can for you and your family.

Talk soon!

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